Florence Welch wearing Lulu Frost

Florence Welch wearing Lulu Frost

100 Years Necklace #2

by Lulu Frost

As seen on Florence Welch. As seen in InStyle. Editor's Pick--Sari Anne Tuschman, Los Angeles Confidential.

Aptly called the "100 Years Necklace," this masterpiece by Lulu Frost is composed of vintage pieces from each decade from 1860-1960. This piece of jewelry is the ONLY one of its kind. Truly unique, this creation can be found at Charm & Chain and nowhere else. The best and the brightest of our featured designers have expressed their creativity with vintage and new materials to offer you the distinctive design you see here.

Lisa “Lulu” Salzer spent her childhood playing in her grandmother’s estate jewelry store – so it should come as no surprise that her collection is infused with a taste of vintage flair. But what makes Lulu Frost pieces truly unique are the actual antiques that are incorporated into her pieces. Often one-of-a-kind, her necklaces, bracelets and earrings include everything from old shoe clips and vintage pins to door numbers from New York’s Plaza Hotel. The stylistic combination of vintage findings and feminine, contemporary style make her works some of our favorites.

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